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REVATI ORGANICS LIMITED (ROL) was incorporated 28th May,1993 under Registration No. 072194 under the Companies Act, 1956. The CIN of the Company is L24110MH1993PLC072194. The founder of the Company is Mr. Girish Shah who is Chemical Engineer from UDCT and M.Sc(Tech). Mr. Girish Shah conceived the Project for manufacturing Almond Oil and various range of Inorganic Chemicals.

With the financial assistance from Maharashtra State Financial Corporation (MSFC) of Rs. 75.00 Lac, the Company had set up the manufacturing unit in Village Gonde Dumale, Taluka-igatpuri, District Thane, which was backward zone for manufacturing of Almond Oil and various range of Inorganic Chemicals.

The Plant was successfully set up and also the operationally was also successfully. The Company posted PAT for the year 1994-95 and 1995-96.

Mr. Girish Shah, suffered heart attack in the last quarter of 1996 and in 1997 he had paralytic attack. In the meanwhile the Environment Ministry had came out with new Norms. Due to health problem of Pioneer Promoter Mr. Girish Shah, the Company hired the professional team but the finished product could not met the new norms and ultimately the factory had to be closed down.

Since the MSFC had the first charge over the Factory Land & Building, Plant & Machineries and equipment, The MSFC in exercise of provision of section 29 of State Financial Corporation Act, took over the entire plant vide its letter dated 18th November, 1998.

Since MSFC principal outstanding loan was only Rs. 59.35 Lac and the Account became NPA, even after taking over the entire plant which was worth more than its outstanding amount had not issued No dues Certificate, hence the Company also kept the balance in its books of account, but not provided for depreciation.

Mr. Girish Shah expired on 27th February, 2017. Since the Company was incorporated by Mr. Girish Shah, his son Mr. Manish Shah would like to revive the Company. Mr. Manish Shah by qualification is MBA, Cost Accountant, MMS, DMTC, AMIE GRAD and into the business of acquisition and distribution of feature film rights and is very successful in its business. The first step to revive the Company, he initiate to revoke the suspension of trading in the equity shares and start its existing business in Revati Organics Limited. Though the Cost of revocation would be around more than Rs. 50.00 Lac, he would like to revive the Company.